10 Jan 2011 
Training using interactive resources 
The value of computer assisted instruction

Confucius says:
"I hear and I forget.

I see and I remember.

I do and I truly understand."

ITEM Media
ITEM Interactive
Information is not knowledge. Albert Einstein

So how does information differ from knowledge? In simple terms, information can be regarded as the building blocks of knowledge. Knowledge is the assembly of these building blocks into the preferred pattern by adding the mortar of understanding and experience. As knowledge increases, it lets you select the information most useful to you; so while knowledge and information are different, they rely on each other; they are tightly linked.

The computer software developed by ITEM Interactive makes sense of information so it is easy to understand, absorb and integrate into day-to-day practice. It does this by combining video demonstrations of all relevant information with Questions and Answers designed to reinforce the ideas presented in the videos. This technique promotes understanding of new concepts, the vital first step to knowledge.

References, manuals, glossaries and other learning material are added to each resource to make a comprehensive learning package.

The simplicity of the design of these resources means they are ideal for self-paced learning as well as for teacher classroom aids.